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Represented by Karen Grencik/Red Fox Literary Agency

The City Sings Green and other Poems about Welcoming Wildlife.

Available APRIL 2! 



"Urban life, wildlife, and everyday life all artfully blend together in this notable book of poetry starring high-impact visuals, remarkable vocabulary, and impeccable rhyming verse with a smidgen of activism that quickly shows readers how humans intervene so nature can work her magic....A must-have poetry book ­worthy of close ­attention..."         

        Starred Review, School Library Journal


"...does what poetry does best: It captures small, meaningful moments with heart.."  Kirkus


Hi! Welcome!
My name is Erica Silverman.
I write books for children.


(Scroll Down to see my book trailers!)


I've been creating children's books for many years. I love writing! I love reading and doing research. I love libraries, too.  I had the pleasure of being a librarian for many years.  I have recently discoverd the joy and excitement of native plant gardening.  Libraries are like gardens, providing a great variety of stories in many formats that feed our hearts and minds. They make societies stronger and healthier.  Native plant gardens provide food and shelter for all life -  birds, bees, bugs and beyond. They restore ecosystems, making cities - and the planet - stronger and healthier for all creatures.  My love for native plants and city wildlife inspired my new book. 

Here at my website you can learn more about me and my books. Please stay and snoop around.

While you're still on my home page, watch my book trailers.  I had so much fun making those teeny movies. 
Visit my Books page and download book marks and coloring pages. There are lesson plans for teachers, too. 

I am available for school and library visits. Please contact me for more information.

I'd love to hear from you. Write to me at:


What happens when a city wakes up? Let's take a walk and find out...





Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa: Horse in the House