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Don't Fidget a Feather

S.D. Schindler, Illustrator
Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing

Duck and Gander compete in a "freeze in place" contest--whoever moves first loses--and buzzing bees, bouncing bunnies, swarming crows, and whooshing winds test both contestants. But the real winner proves his mettle when Fox picks his prey.

"Duck and Gander constantly vie with each other for champion status. "Although Duck can swim faster, Gander can fly higher. So to settle the crown of "champion of champions," Duck proposes a freeze-in-place contest. Neither one fidgets a feather despite distractions from bees, rabbits, and crows. But when a fox bundles them up and begins to boil water for stew, Duck sacrifices the contest to save her friend and thus becomes the true champion. Schindler's delicate pastel illustrations lend a soft quality to the humor and warmth of Silverman's tale of friendship." Booklist

"Brimming with confidence, Duck and Gander challenge one another to contests of swimming and flying, hoping to establish once and for all who is the "champion of champions." When the results are inconclusive, Duck suggests a freeze-in-place contest. A host of hilarious interruptions arise to break their concentration, but both remain perfectly still. The situation turns ominous when Fox stumbles onto the contestants and sees an easy dinner....Children are sure to identify with these characters and their friendly, yet relentless, pursuit to do each other "one better.".... The engaging art and energetic story line make this a perfect choice for reading aloud."
School Library Journal