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Liberty's Voice: The Story of Emma Lazarus

"The evocative illustrations marry well with this accessible, appealing story of a woman both ahead of her time and an important American writer who left a lasting literary legacy to every United States citizen..."
Kathleen Finn, SLJ

"...a wonderful picture book for middle readers. Silverman's text is mature, engaging, and informative; Schuett's illustrations are lavish with detail and color befitting older children."
Witchita Eagle

"Silverman describes, in elegant prose, how, from a young age, her subject loved the written and spoken word....Schuett fills each picture with impeccable period details: bustled skirts, beribboned hats, and top hats and frock coats." Women Who Dared, School Library Journal

“There's a certain kind of kid out there -- quiet and brainy, but passionate and gutsy -- for whom Lazarus is the perfect hero.”
Christopher Healy