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Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa: Partners

Cowgirl Kate and her best friend Cocoa are as feisty as ever as they play hide-and-seek, get new shoes, and learn the true meaning of friendship. They're partners through thick and thin, and partners do everything together.

"Cowgirl Kate and her sassy pony Cocoa ride to the rescue-again! They’re here to save beginning readers
from the sometimes boring world of easy reader books… Author Erica "Silverman’s a star at making stories not just easy to read but fun” Octavia Books Bi-monthly newsletter, April/May 2006

“...something of a rarity: a chapter book for new readers that pairs terrific illustrations with smart, funny writing that never condescends… The love between the girl and her horse shines through on every page."
Entertainment Weekly

"From shoeing to roping to rounding up cattle, Kate is as resourceful as Cocoa is contrary as they once again prove that a best friend is one you can count on through hot and cold, weak and strong, and even wet and dry... Libraries will have a hard time keeping this title in stock, so be sure to purchase more than one copy."
H. H. Henderson, Heritage Middle School

"The humorous interplay between Kate and Cocoa reveals the best kind of camaraderie: they sometimes tease or trick, but ultimately challenge and support one another....(an) engaging, accessible treat for beginning readers."
Cooperative Children's Book Center